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How to use the Italian Moka Pot like an Italian! Here some tricks to make it amazing....

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

How to use an Italian Moka Pot

Did you know?

The Moka pot was born in 1933 from a brilliant intuition of Alfonso Bialetti, since than the aluminium Moka is by far one of the most well known Italian objects in the world.

We (Italians) call it Caffettiera, and you can be sure that we always have one at home samewhere.

A part from the unmistakable design in recent years, the Moka pot has also taken on a particular role, becoming an icon of style and environmental sustainability.

Our Moka pot allows not only to save energy but also is made of recyclable aluminium, thus allowing the recovery of this precious material.

Moka pot image

Many people despite the advent of increasingly sophisticated machines and the many techniques to make a good Italian coffee still decide to use the classic Moka to relax for a few minutes while is browning on the stove during a break from work or study and enjoy a perfect Italian coffee.


But what are the secrets to make a great Italian coffee with your Moka?

To make a good moka pot coffee you need a quality-built machine and an arabica/robusta coffee blend medium-roasted....than follow the guide below!


medium-roast blend of arabica and robusta

Choose your coffee blend and opt-it for beans if you can grind it yourself .

It is important to store your coffee hermetically sealed and kept away from foods and drinks with a strong smell such as herbal teas; this is because Coffee absorbs the surrounding aromas and its fragrance can be altered by foreign factors.

Recomended Coffee : Amici Firenze


If the water is too calcareous, the coffee suffers. If you filter the tap water, also filter it to make coffee. If the water is not drinkable or too heavy, it is better to use the bottled one. And remember: the water in the Moka must be put cold.



It is well known that the Moka should not be washed with detergent, but that does not mean that it should not be cleaned properly. After each coffee, it should be rinsed and dried perfectly before using it again.

the Moka must be disassembled regularly when cleaning, the gasket replaced if damaged, the filter cleaned with a toothbrush or pin so that the holes are all free.

In my coffee cupboard:

Alluminium Italian Moka Pot

Coffee Blend - Amici Firenze coffee beans or already grinded ( also Amici Original for a smoother taste and Amici Milano for hint of hazelnut and chocolate)

Coffee Grinder - Hand grinder if using coffee beans

Buon Caffe’ a Tutti

Caffe’ Amici


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Moka Pot
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