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1961 Lollo: An Italian Beauty in a Sinuous Body



We have designed the 1961 Lollo, like all other VBM 1961 machines, for baristas who see coffee making as an art that cannot ignore its glorious past. The balanced mix of straight and curved lines that decorate the VBM E64 group with which the Lollo is equipped, enables this small force of nature to be incorporated in any setting, even the most modern, without ever looking out of place.

Lollo is the ideal espresso machine for all bars looking for a high quality machine at an affordable price. The steel body gives the machine a sleek, attractive design, while the quick-steam knobs guarantee easy, fast steam delivery.

Key Features:

  • HX Technology, Heater eXchanger brewing system:
    • The HX (Heater eXchanger) technology is the most efficient among the traditional brewing systems.
    • It ensures outstanding temperature maintenance of the group and, together with the E64 group, offers excellent mechanical pre-infusion, the first requirement for quality extraction.

Experience the blend of tradition and innovation with the 1961 Lollo, where exceptional design meets top-tier functionality.

VBM Lollo 2 groups Electronica - Italian coffee machine

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