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Introducing EUREKA ORO, the golden future of coffee grinding.


Born from Eureka's centenary heritage, ORO represents the latest in coffee grinding technology, embodying the "State of the Art" for diverse coffee preparations.


Offering unprecedented performance, EUREKA ORO combines high productivity with minimal coffee retention, maintaining top-notch grinding quality through the Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (Eureka Patent). Experience silent grinding with EUREKA ORO, prioritizing noise reduction for both home and professional settings.


Stay connected with the IoT Connectivity System, enabling remote adjustments to grinding parameters and real-time monitoring.


The premium grinding quality is ensured by specially designed Diamond Inside burrs, preserving sharpness for an extended period and maintaining consistent granulometry for an exceptional quantity of ground coffee.


Elevate your coffee experience with EUREKA ORO's cutting-edge features and unparalleled performance.


Eureka Oro Grinder - The Golden Future of coffee grinding

  • Brochure Mignon Single Dose here

    Watch a video here

    New ELR System:

    The innovative sloped grinding chamber ensures extremely low retention, optimizing freshness in every dose.

    Single Dose Kit Included:

    Equipped with a Mignon single-dose hopper (45g) and dosing cup (45g), promoting precise and waste-free grinding.

    Blow Up System:

    A simple press on the hopper initiates the Blow Up System, clearing leftover grounds to maintain freshness and preserve the flavor profile of future coffees.

    Diamond Inside Burrs:

    Unmatched wear resistance and durability are guaranteed with Diamond Inside Burrs, preserving optimal sharpness for an extended period, surpassing other burr materials.

    Silent Technology:

    Experience reduced grinding noise with Silent Technology, creating a quieter and more enjoyable coffee preparation environment compared to similar grinders.

    High-Speed Maintenance of Burrs:

    Swiftly perform maintenance on the burrs without losing your grinding settings, ensuring efficiency and convenience in the upkeep of your grinder.