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Why Italian Coffee is the Most Popular in the World?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Across the world, millions wake up and reach for a cup of coffee. Yet, Italy is the java world capital. If you want to learn how to make and take your coffee, there’s no better place to start.

In this Mediterranean country, coffee is simply a part of the culture regardless of who or where you are. Let’s explore more about Italian coffee habits and why you should choose Italian coffee over other kinds when available.

Italian Coffee Habits and Fun Facts

Coffee isn’t just a beverage choice in Italy…it’s a lifestyle choice. We’ll explore some of these intricacies and customs in the following facts.

1. Let’s get a little bit of vocabulary out of the way. Coffee is un caffè in Italian, and a coffee shop or café is called a bar.

2. When you order un caffè, you will be served an espresso.

3. Most Italians drink their caffè while standing at a bar. They usually consume it before 9 AM. If you choose to go into a bar and sit down at a table, the price of your caffè often increases.

4. Your caffè won’t be served hot but rather lukewarm. If you’re looking for a hot caffè, then you’ll need to order it that way. Try un caffè caldissimo or molto caldo or even bollente (boiling).

5. If you order a “latte,” then you’ll receive plain milk because that is simply the word for milk in Italian. If you want a steamed milk coffee, be sure to ask for un caffè latte.

6. Italians have learned to cater their coffee to tourists. Un caffè lungo and un caffè

americano are either espresso with longer extraction time or brewed coffee diluted with hot water. Order a normal caffè when in Italy and be all the more Italian!

Why Choose Italian Coffee?

Whether you’re roaming the streets of Italy or not, you’ll find millions who are fans of Italian coffee. Why is this? Authentic Italian coffee is, frankly, different from other types.

As noted above, when you order a coffee (un caffè) in Italy, you won’t be given a brewed coffee. You’ll be given an espresso. That’s what an authentic Italian coffee is called in English — an “espresso shot.” This is by far the most popular drink around the world, and no matter where you go, you can enjoy an espresso!

Italian espressos (also used to make caffè lattes and cappuccinos) are delicious beverages that start off anyone’s morning right. There are countless health benefits including improved concentration, a boost in physical activity and energy, improved digestion, and reduced risk of diabetes. They’re also an incredibly green product because there’s no waste besides the grit of spent coffee grounds that can either fertilize plants or go into the nearest compost bin.

Interested in trying Italian coffee for yourself? Get Caffe’ Italiano delivered straight to your door with Caffe’ Amici. Visit here to learn more.

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