How to Brew your cold Coffee


This is what you need:

Ice Cubes

Cold Water 400ml

24 grams of your favourite Coffee – Grind Size : Course

Our Cold Brew Dripper Set


Note -  With every order we include 1x Original Coffee bag 250gr suitable for cold brew



Step 1

Add 24gr of ground coffee into the coffee container and wet it with water

Step 2

Place the filter on the top of the ground coffee

Step 3

Place the top part of the dripper in position, Turn the valve to control drip to the minimum.

Step 4

Add ice to the top part of the dripper up to the first mark and add the rest of the water up to mark 4

Step 5

Set the drip speed 1-4 – Coffee will take 3-4 hours


Remember if you want a stronger coffee slow the drip if you want a lighter coffee faster the drip


Serve on ice and Enjoy

Timemore - Cold Brew Dripper Set

VAT Included