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Introducing the New Rocket Espresso Appartamento TCA  a leap forward in espresso innovation.


Elevating the renowned Appartamento series to new heights, this cutting-edge machine seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with advanced features, setting a new standard for premium domestic espresso machines.


Embrace the evolution with Temperature Control Adjustment (TCA) technology, a groundbreaking addition that empowers coffee enthusiasts to tailor their brew precisely.


The Appartamento TCA goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring an exceptional coffee experience within the comfort of your home.


Rocket Appartamento TCA

SKU: RocketTCA
£1,600.00 Regular Price
£1,550.00Sale Price
  • Temperature Control Adjustment (TCA):

    Take command of your brewing process with precise temperature control.

    Customize your espresso to perfection, unlocking a spectrum of flavors and aromas.

    Modern Aesthetics:

    Redefined design elements for a contemporary and stylish appearance.

    Elevate your kitchen or coffee nook with the sleek and sophisticated Appartamento TCA.

    Enhanced Functionality:

    Innovative machine functions for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

    Seamlessly navigate through the coffee-making process with improved features.

    Exceptional Coffee Experience:

    Elevate your home brewing game with technology that enhances the richness and depth of each cup.

    The Appartamento TCA sets a new benchmark for performance in premium domestic espresso machines.

    Quality Craftsmanship:

    Built with precision and care, the Appartamento TCA maintains the high-quality standards synonymous with Rocket Espresso.

    Enjoy durability and reliability, ensuring your machine stands the test of time.

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